Society Profile

Dermatology is one of the most important fields in medicine. The skin, the largest organism of the body, is often the mirror of internal disease and the general well-being of the body and mind.

Dermatology in Lebanon has a rich community of physicians trained around the world. The field of expertise of our members spans from proper diagnosis of skin conditions, medical treatments for adults and children, to procedures that treat skin cancer, erase scars and birthmarks and rejuvenate the skin of signs of aging or sun damage.

Dermatologist members, being the expert in the field of skin treatments are trusted to deliver precise and cost-effective diagnosis and care.


  • – To promote excellence in the specialty of dermatology
  • – To set the professional standards of practice
  • – To provide the best professional medical and aesthetic/surgical dermatology to our community
  • – To engage in sustainable and life long education


  • – To be the select leaders and providers of dermatology care within Lebanon and the region
  • – To provide national world-class excellence in education and patient care

Core Values

  • – Visionary leadership
  • – Patient and community-centered
  • – Valuing and respecting diversity
  • – Integrity and best practices
  • – Collaboration
  • – Unity